About Whizbox

It all started with a simple inspiration back in May 2018 - to be able to use our knowledge, experience, and resources in providing convenience and comfort to our fellow Taclobanons in their daily basic needs. We thought to ourselves, if other cities can do it, why not Tacloban!

Whizbox served as an instrument for us to achieve this goal. The challenge of providing a user-friendly, modern, and effective ordering and delivery systems keeps us motivated. We aim to continue improving our products and services day by day as we learn and grow together to provide you the best service you deserve.

Now, Whizbox is Tacloban's first online grocery! We promise to provide you the convenience of shopping and delivering your groceries straight at your doorstep. We aim to make your grocery shopping fun and easy!

We look forward to serving you and if you have any comments and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.